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Supreme 777 Jackpots
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Aces & Eights
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2 Ways Royal
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Aces and Faces
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Coral Blackjack
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Jade Blackjack
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Moonstone Blackjack
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Dead or Alive Saloon
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Bonus Poker
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Lucky Video Poker
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Teen Patti
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First Person Deal or No Deal
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Bonus Deuces Wild 1 Hand
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Speed Baccarat L
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Blackjack VIP E
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Black Jack
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No Comm Speed Baccarat C
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All American Poker 100 Hand

Explore Exciting Table Games at Rickycasino

Table top games make a big part of any casino’s portfolio. While some gamblers prefer dynamic and energetic slots, other players struggle to imagine their lives without breathtaking casino table games.

The top popular table games include roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. If you’ve never tried your hand at any of these table games before, don't worry! We assure you that you can learn to play these table top games with no effort! We even envy you a bit because you have a lot of amazing discoveries ahead! Let’s give a shoutout to each of these four iconic table games one by one.

Roulette: No.1 table game

Roulette stands out among the four table top games mentioned above. Can you guess what makes it different? The thing is that roulette is a game of pure chance. When playing this table game, you are at a complete mercy of luck. Unlike in other table top games, you can’t do anything to improve your winning odds and boost your earmings. Roulette comes in multiple variations. Due to the 00 slot, American roulette is, hands down, the most dangerous type of roulette table game. It can grind down your bankroll in no time! If you’re hoping to make some buck at this table top game, we recommend that you stick with European roulette with its democratic 2.3% house edge.


Blackjack is a legendary table top game which is both exciting and profitable to play. At the same time, it’s probably the toughest table game to play. To start winning at this table top game, you need to memorize the optimal blackjack strategy and keep training your skills until you can play your hand with your eyes closed! On a brighter note, using the optimal strategy can drastically improve your winning odds, so your efforts will eventually pay off!

The beautiful thing about this table game is that you can choose among blackjack tables with different betting ranges. This makes this table top game equally appealing to both recreational bettors playing for pleasure and high rollers chasing big wins.


Baccarat emerged as the favorite table game of the French nobility. Don’t be scared, though. It’s really simple. Before the actual game begins, you need to choose the outcome you’re going to bet on: Player, Banker or Tie. In fact, it’s the only decision that you have to make during the entire table game. It’s all downhill from there because baccarat is all about guessing which hand will win. The player and the dealer are dealt two cards each. Then the scores of each hand are added up. The hand which totals 9 (or comes closest to this number) wins. Easy, right? This able game lets you take a good advantage of your intuition.

If you bet on the Player's hand and it turns out be the winning hand, you get paid 1 to 1. The same payout applies to the Banker’s hand. But wait till you see how much a Tie pays! It brings a whopping 8 to 1 payout!

Three-card poker

While many consider poker a challenging table game to play, it’s no rocket science. Once you’ve grasped the main idea, you’re all set! The Player needs to place an Ante bet before every hand. Then the Player is dealt three cards. After studying their hand, the Player has two options. They can either play the hand with the additional bet or fold. However, if the Player chooses to fold, the Ante bet is taken by the casino. In fact, the essence of this table game boils down to choosing between playing the hand and folding.

In three-card poker, standard poker hands come with the same payouts as in the classic poker. Plus, you get extra payouts for some hands such as Flush, Straight Flush, Straight, and Three-of-kind.

Smart tips for table games

Here are a few useful guidelines for everyone who is getting acquainted with the diverse world of table top games:

1. Before starting to play, be sure to determine the amount of money you can afford to lose in the table game. Once your losses reach the pre-set limit, you must call it day.

2. Roulette is a tricky table game which can be very treacherous. It lures you into making bet after bet until you deplete your entire bankroll without noticing it. If you’ve hit a losing streak, you should better quit the table game. Recouping your losses is a major no-no when playing table top games for real money.

3. When playing blackjack or poker, don't hope for fast results. These table games take a great deal of practice, discipline, and strong will. At the same time, if you keep practicing and pursuing your goal, you have all chances to start making a consistent profit on these table top games. Not a bad side job, huh?

FAQ on table games at Rickycasino

What table top games can I play at Rickycasino?

- At Rickycasino, we take good care of New Zealanders who enjoy playing table games. If you’re into roulette, we have American Roulette, French Roulette, Speed Roulette, Dragonara, Japanese Roulette, Multi Wheel Roulette, and more. Poker fans can tap into our amazing collection of poker table games, such as Casino Hold’em, Joker Poker, Poker Pursuit, Double Joker Poker, All Aces Poker, Caribbean Poker etc. Rickycasino is a cornucopia when it comes to table top games!

Can I pay table top games for free?

- Absolutely. If you’re reluctant to part with your money just yet, you can test any table game in d demo mode. It’s a great way to get the gist of the table top game, polish your skills, boost your self-confidence.

How do you win at table games?

- If you’re playing blackjack or poker, you’re definitely going to need to put in some effort before you start making money. These games require sticking with the strategy and using your analyticals skills. When it comes to winning at roulette, there is no working tip that we could possibly give you because your performance relies 100% on luck. The same goes for baccarat.

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